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Sunday 5th December 2010

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Thursday 1st July 2010

I'm pleased to announce that I am now a member of the Zita West Network for Reproductive Health as an Affiliated Acupuncturist.

The network is built on the ground-breaking work of midwife, author and fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West and her renowned London clinic, the network aims to share the unique skills and experience of Zita and her team of doctors, midwives and complimentary therapists with experienced, independent acupuncturists across the UK. The Zita West Clinic is the largest integrated (medical and compliementary) practice in the UK specialising in all aspects of male and female reproductive health.

As an affiliated member I have trained and receive ongoing support in Zita West's comprehensive holistic approach to acheiving optimum reproductive health.  This covers a range of treatments to help boost fertility, enhance IVF, improve pregnancy, enhance birth outcomes and support post-natal recovery.

This will be a huge benefit to my clients as enables greater focus on the latest research and techniques being used, not to mention access to a unique range of services. 

Clients will also be entitled to 20% off a range off clinical services and best selling nutritional supplements.

Wednesday 20th January 2010



For a limited time I am offering a free 30 minute sample session so you can decide if acupuncture is for you.

This gives you the chance for feel what it's like to have treatment and ask any questions you may have.

Monday 2nd November 2009

Im delighted to be launching my website for my new practice in Surrey, and it coincides with my 10th anniversary in the profession. I can hardly believe it's been that long, the time has just flown by. It's amazing to have been doing something I have such enthusiasm and passion for and I know I'm one of the lucky people in the world who gets to do a job they love. It's made me think about what I'm most frequently asked, and top of the list are, what does it feel like, does it work, and does it hurt? The latter comment is sometimes followed by some comment that I must have a sadistic streak!

Well experiences of acupuncture can vary widely, but once clients have needles in place they often find it deeply relaxing and can 'feel' the energy running through them. Many really enjoy the sensation and just want to relax quietly, others chat throughout their treatment and occassionally clients sleep through the entire session only to be woken by their own snoring! The question of does it work - there is an increasing amount of research into acupuncture going on out there which is easily available to all. I only ask that if you are considering having treatment, that you keep an open mind and let the results speak for themselves. Perhaps sometime soon science will find a failsafe way to measure the efficacy of energy treatments. Always apply common sense when embarking on treatment and find a well trained practitioner. Virtually all modern acupuncturists use single use sterile needles which are disposable.

And as for that old chestnut 'does it work?' I would like to think the results speak for themselves and let the patients decide. Acupuncture has stood the test of time and been around for thousands of years. As for that sadistic streak - never! It's all done with pure intention for the greater good.

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