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After several years of unsuccessful treatment for a very painful back and neck problem , I found myself attending Janice's clinic as a "last ditched" attempt for help.

My only regret is that I hadn't done it years earlier . This is the only long term , pain free solution that I have been able to find to help me .
Thank you so much Jan.
Gareth Sanders

"I first came to see Janice with a recurring sciatica problem and couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to treat the inflammation and pain. Within 24 hours I was completely back to normal.   I would recommend Janice to anyone, her calming and sympathetic manner is as healing as her treatments!"
N. Sherrington

"I have been a regular client of Janice’s for several years. She has helped me enormously with various complaints including anxiety and RSI, and I really don’t know what I would do without her! I have had acupuncture from 2 or 3 therapists in the past, but Janice always knows exactly where the needles should go for best effect.  To have someone like her to talk to is healing in itself – she is a very gifted therapist but also a very warm and caring, special person.  I now see her 1/month for maintenance and it works.  I very rarely get a cold, maybe 1 a year and it hardly bothers me at all and I feel much better for having acupuncture as a preventative measure and for boosting my immune system. I have no hesitation in recommending Janice for acupuncture and/or healing."
F. Slevin

"Needles? I would rather have a root canal on my tooth without an injection!    However after three years of serious back pain I went to Janice, hoping that she would be able to help me.   Her friendly and professional manner soon had me at ease and she told me she felt that she could help my back pain but it may take about six sessions - after two visits I was pain free and able to pick things off the floor without a twinge.   Since then Janice has helped me through various times including a hysterectomy and PVF with very positive results."
Jos. R

"Janice is an amazingly talented acupuncturist and healer. I can say this with certainty because over the last ten years Janice has successfully helped me, where standard medical treatment alone has failed, with: chronic fatigue; stress; IBS; and getting pregnant using ICSI.

At first, I was sceptical about alternative medicines – after all I was a practising lawyer dealing with facts and logical reasoning – plus I was scared of needles! Then one day, I just could not get out of bed without feeling as if all my limbs were lead weighted and I was about to faint. Chronic Fatigue hit me hard. It jeopardised my job as I was on sick leave for 2 or 3 months. The GP told me that there was nothing he could do except sign me off sick. I was terrified that my life would never be the same again. Someone recommended Janice and I decided that I was willing to try anything if there was a chance that it would help.

Janice put me at ease, with her professionalism and wonderful ‘bedside manner’. She listened to me, believed me (I think the Dr was still unsure of the validity of my condition), understood how I felt and what needed to be done and actually helped me feel better from the first session. Sometimes she gave me some healing too, which was always the most wonderful gift. Within months I was feeling normal again which was a miracle to me.

Unsurprisingly, since then I have always had the utmost faith in her knowledge, skill with acupuncture and incredible ability to heal.

Once I was back on top form and leading life in the fast lane again, I returned for more treatment to deal with stress and IBS, amongst other things. In fact, whatever my ailment, she was so brilliant at dealing with the problem I went to Janice before the Doctor! (Obviously, I would go to A&E if there was an emergency but I value Janice’s opinion more than most of the Doctors now.)

My husband and I can also vouch for the fact that Janice helped bring us the most precious gift of all – our much longed for, beautiful daughter. We ‘tried’ for our baby four long years. It was a secret for a long time because we went through all the disappointment, grief, anger, despondency and tears (etc!) of realising that it wasn’t going to happen. After all the usual methods (and a few more inventive ones!) we sought medical help for our technical infertility and were told that ICSI was our only (small) chance. I took a few rounds of (failed) Clomid whilst waiting for our turn, then had a very distressing ICSI treatment and failure. Second time we tried ICSI with Janice’s help. She gave both of us treatment and surprise, surprise, there were more sperm (every one counts when there are so few!), more eggs (ditto!) and this time one of our two precious embryos implanted. If it wasn’t for Janice I honestly do not think we would have our gorgeous little girl.

It has been a privilege to have known her. If Janice had not moved to pastures new, I would still go to her and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who needs any help in healing either mind, body or soul! "
K. Solly

Over the years I have always found Janice to be professional whilst maintaining a friendly open manner.

Janice always makes it easy to talk about whatever is needed, physically, mentally or spiritually She makes you feel completely at ease ensuring you are comfortable – even for somebody scared of needles!!

For what has been a very difficult couple of years Janice has been one of the few people I have been able to rely on for help and her treatments have kept me going when at my lowest ebb.

I cannot recommend Janice highly enough and feel blessed to know her.

Steven Brown


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