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Video: Menopause and your energy system

Another week and another clip from the 'Acupuncture for the menopause' talk that I did a few weeks ago at WTW. This one is explaining, in simple terms, how the body can become dysregulated during the menopause. It's this dysregulation that we seek to address using acupuncture, bringing the body back into balance.

I've also added on some lifestyle tips for managing menopausal symptoms, although as I say in the video, these are tips that we could usefully be giving to younger women too.

Menopausal symptoms are amongst the most common conditions I treat in my acupuncture clinics. While some patients aren't able to take HRT due to a history of hormone related cancers, others are simply looking for a more natural alternative or for something to use alongside their HRT.

If you'd like to explore how acupuncture could help you please do get in touch with Acupuncture Surrey at

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